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Professional Bespoke Website Design in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire

Low Cost Pofessional Website Design

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It´s important for businesses to have a website. Almost everyone is connected to the web these days and that´s where they find information on just about everything. If you don´t have an online presence and can´t be found you will miss out on lots of opportunities. Therefore, it´s a necessity for survival to have a business website, and not just any website will do.

The website needs to be useable, provide important and relevant information, and be well optimized. It also helps if the website is pleasing to the eye. A website that is dull, lacks good content, and can´t be found is just as bad as not having a website, and in some cases might be even worse.

When it comes to owning and operating a website, do it right or don´t do it at all.

We offer affordable website design, ecommerce software solutions and content management systems for small and medium size businesses in Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex and all our websites are built to your exact reqements.

We don´t use templates in none of our websites, every design is built from a white canvas, using your ideas and our expertise.

Website Services

bespoke website design As your business grows so too can your website.

All our websites are designed to order, meaning adding advanced features or new functionality is seamless.
Perhaps you're looking to collect your visitors email addresses for use with email marketing, or maybe adding a latest news page. Whatever you need in developing your website Smartcatdesign is here to help and advise every step of the way.

Website redesign

As technologies progress and trends change websites also can become dated and not looking at their best anymore. Sometimes it might not be necessary to rebuild your website from scratch, a new modern layout and dynamic content might be all it takes to capture the attention of your customers again.
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Website maintenance

Managing a business is time consuming and it might be difficult to find the time to promote events and promotions on the website or on one of the social networks such as facebook, or to update your gallery. We can do all this for a small monthly fee starting as low as £40.00.

Brand development

today consumers have more access to information and more choices than ever before. The result is higher expectations, and the brand’s message must captivate the consumer immediately. We use our years of expertise to create a web image that will reflect your business.
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Content Management Systems(CMS)

They are lots of off the shelf Content Management Systems on the market, like Joomla, Worldpress and many more, but they are difficult to use and almost impossible to scale down to suit your business. We build content management systems taylored to your business. The systems can have extra functionality added as and when you require it. For more details see
Content Management Systems

Website for business

All new websites come with basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), FREE hosting for one year and FREE domain registration (subject to availability). All our website are entirely bespoke, no templates are being used. For more details see
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Flash design and animation

All websites include flash menus and animation, flash photo galleries and javascript functionality at no extra cost.

Ecommerce websites

Thinking about taking your business online but you're afraid you will to have to learn a whole new way of managing it? We build bespoke Content Management Systems that follow your existing business logic, making managing your new online shop as natural as reading your emails. For more details see
Ecommerce websites

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Some companies will charge anything between £20.00 and £100.00 per month in order to provide you with Search Engine Optimisation. Most of these companies will offer you paid SEO, the moment you cease paying your website will drop back. We offer what is called organic or natural SEO, which integrates within the natural content of your website, and we offer it FREE with all our websites.

Personal website

You want to share some exciting news with the world but you don't have an eye for design? We can help you by building a template website just for you. For more details see
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Custom website design

Every company wants a website that impacts their niche, that makes a lasting impression to their customers. We use our years of experience in web design and development, to propel your company forward in an ever-changing market. For more details see
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Web applications

More and more companies are using apps, also called web applications to fulfill the needs of their business. An app can be used via the internet, meaning it can be used at any locations as long as you have internet access, making jobs like stock check or audits seamless and fast. Secure loging will mean that only authorized persons can access the app, making it as safe as your local intranet.
Web applications

RNIB and W3C Compliant Code

If someone with a disability, such as sight loss, can't access the information on your website then it could be seen as discrimination. The Equality Act came into force in October 2010, replacing the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) in England, Scotland and Wales. All our websites are RNIB Compliant, which means we do not have links that are not accessible to a screen reader and we do not use text, colour contrasting and formatting that make the website inaccessible to a partially sighted service user.